What I want in a President

Inauguration of President Barack Obama
Image by sneakerdog via Flickr

For about a week I have been receiving calls from a random DC number. I have missed every call, but never get a voicemail. The other day, in route to a meeting, I received the call again. I answered this time only to find the person on the other end to be an automated message. I was being polled by some political organization on what I wanted in a president. Obviously, these folks weren’t fans of Barack Obama.

At first, I wanted to hang up…I don’t really have time for these interruptions and they kind of annoy me. But for whatever reason, I decided to entertain this one. As the poll began, I was asked to choose the issue that was most important to me by pressing the corresponding number. I listened to what would be 9 options, hoping that one of them would be ‘other’ and I could respond directly. After the ninth option there was a long pause. The recording proceeded to repeat itself. At that point, I angrily hung up the phone. Here is why.

I am angry that my vote has been reduced to issues…one at that. Issues are important. But I do not want a presidential nominee who simply regurgitates someone else’s prescribed talking points. I do not want a man or woman who simply says the thing that everyone in his/her party wants to hear. I want a LEADER! Yeah, that’s what I want in a president…a leader with a vision for the country that includes all of the issues, but more so, a dream and desire to lead our nation towards a greater future. I do not want a talking head with a teleprompter. I want to vote for someone who has a deep desire to serve the people of the United States by providing strong, compassionate and determined leadership.

I understand why leadership was not an option during that poll call. If we elect a leader to be the POTUS, the rest of us (congress included) would by definition be followers. And that is one thing that most elected officials in our day would rather not have in my opinion. God bless our nation.

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