Teaching the kids

I have spent the last several Sundays of 2011 teaching the Bible lesson for CRC’s Children’s Ministry called Kidquest. This is a big deal for me. For most of my life, me and kids have not been a great combination. Sometimes it is annoyance (yeah, kids can be annoying). More often, however, I have felt inadequate to really speak into their lives. On one hand, working out theological soundness is probably over their heads. On the other hand, kids are not dumb…even the craziest of the bunch can have significant inner reflection. (I was thinking some pretty intense thoughts around age 8…thoughts that I did not know what to do with.) I fear that I might not have what it takes to be an effective communicator for these kids.

Serving in Children’s ministry has been a challenge, but completely worth it. The thought that pushes me beyond my fear is the opportunity I have to lay a strong foundation for the potential of their faith in Christ. If theological soundness was ever important, it is in regards to what I say to these kids. If anyone needed a simple, but thorough explanation of what it means to follow Jesus it is the kids. On Sundays, I get the chance to plant a vision of who we are as God’s people that will, by God’s grace, grow into a tangible expression of Jesus for this world. My time in children’s ministry is a direct investment into the future of the Church.

As much as I love leading ministry to college-aged young adults, the future leaders and laborers of the Church are still learning how to do multiplication tables. What an honor to be a small part of their story. Who knows what these kids will accomplish and who they will become?

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