Lessons at the Beginning…

The beginning of any new adventure is always kind of special. The start of CCW is nothing short of that. Even though we have been carrying this dream for several months, it feels like the month of August will bring some real traction in seeing the dream become a reality. I keep remembering what many people have drawn out of Zechariah 4:10, to not despise the day of small beginnings. In the first few of days of this month, God has been teaching me some powerful lessons on what it means to lead CCW. Here are two things I have picked up.

1. Embrace the Small. CCW is not only a small start-up ministry, but it is also a small piece of the greater Church. I am learning that the best thing I can do is get really good at embracing this fact in all possible aspects. One would think that embracing the small would bring a sense of inferiority, but it actually inspires a deeper sense of faithfulness. CCW may be a small start-up, but we are a part of a great church and even greater global body of believers. It is of vital importance that we play our part well in the story of God here on earth. If we can be faithful in the small things, who knows what God might trust us with.

2. Some (not all) eyes are on us. There are two aspects of this. One one hand, there is a great deal of hope and expectation resting on what God might do with CCW. As I have visited local churches across our district, I have been so encouraged by the number of people who are excited about this dream. For many “real adults”, CCW is about reaching their kids and helping them connect with Jesus and His Church. We wanna be faithful with these dreams and expectations. On the other hand, some (not all) will bring an extra eye of scrutiny. There will always be some who raise the bar of expectations from a skeptical perspective — letting me know what CCW should be based on their own paradigms of ministry. But understand me, THIS IS VERY ENCOURAGING AS WELL. It means that CCW is not only important in reaching this generation, but also for the changing and challenging of old mindsets. Knowing that people are watching us, for several reasons, gives me courage and tenacity to lead CCW in such a way that we play our (small) role with excellence and strength.

CCW matters…and only God truly knows what this new ministry will be. My job is to be faithful with all God has placed in my hands. Very excited about the future.

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