Update on DS3 Life

Let me catch every up to speed on where things are…

I returned to Jacksonville late Saturday night from a great week in Haiti. We hosted our second youth and young adults conference in the village of Tiburon. More on that later. Unfortunately, we were delayed coming home (due to a storm named Emily) and I missed the wedding of David and Kim Sandlin. But we did get home safely — in time for the team to fulfill all of their Sunday morning commitments.

Sunday morning, I along with the new CCW Band (a small acoustic version that is) led worship for the services at Avondale UMC. My good friend (and future grad student at Candler) Katie Ullman brought a great message on responding to God’s call. Pastor Thom McLeod and the Avondale congregation are such welcoming group of people. We had a fantastic time and I am excited to see how God will develop the partnership between CCW and this local church.

Monday was a full day. (And if you are wondering, no I have not caught up on sleep yet!) The CRC staff gave Kelsey Linduff and I a farewell lunch. It was a really cool time. I love the folks I have worked with since June 1999. I am going to miss being a part of that team and I am so thankful for the opportunities that Gee and other leaders have given me. Thankfully, I will still be hanging out around church…especially in children’s and youth ministry.

After lunch, I along with some amazing leaders had the very first CCW Staff Meeting. I am SOOO excited to work with Haylee Linduff, David Sandlin (who was actually on his honeymoon), Richy Diaz and Sarah Hartley. The greatest part about working with these people is that I know their hearts are beating for the 250,000+ young adults in Northeast Florida. Meeting with them was the highlight of the day…such a sense of expectation for the future that God has for our new ministry.

This period of transition from the local church to being focused on this generation is going by quickly. And God is teaching me tons through it all. I am praying that God would give me wisdom to lead well in these days. With this new role and ministry, I want to be the kind of leader that champions those under my care to be everything God has called them to be. I tweeted this statement today: The leaders that emerge from my leadership should become greater than me. My job is to make sure that happens. This is my hope and deepest desire…and that through it all, CCW would make much of Jesus and His mission. So excited about the days to come.

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