Generasion ki Chwazi

I am one of those people who will spend a good 6 months to a year processing a mission trip. Images and memories always seem to pop into my brain at random moments…bringing with them new meaning and fresh inspiration. It is hard to believe that less than a week ago I was in Haiti. Our time there last week deepened my heart for the people of that nation; especially their young adults.

I was sitting one afternoon in the church reading when two Haitian young men approached me. I recognized them, but did not know them.Working hard to push through the language barrier, it took us about 2 minutes to get each other’s names. Their names were Michele and Jean-Baptiste. We struggled to communicate until I found Pagens, one of RMI’s translators. The main thing they wanted to know from me was if we could be friends. Through Pagens, the two boys acknowledged the way God has used me in their lives over the past few days. They just wanted to get to know me better. [Insert heart breaking now]. After some back and forth conversation, we decided that we would meet up the next day for a short Bible study. I was humbled and excited.

We met the next day immediately after a conference session that I gave. My voice was raw, and I was sweating from every pore in my body. (Haiti is hot kids!) Although I was exhausted, there was nothing more I wanted to do than walk through some scripture with these guys. Once we found a place to meet, we began to dive into Ephesians 5:1-20. We spent about 20 minutes discussing the passage…minutes I will never forget. It was, however, their responses to our time together that blew me away.

As we ended, Michele told me how thankful he was to finally have a Bible (we brought a bunch of Creole New Testaments). He promised to read the scriptures everyday and that by the time I returned to Tiburon next year he would be able to discuss it all with me. Jean-Baptiste then said that he believed God was calling him to be a pastor and that our time together confirmed his calling. All of this was followed by the two guys encouraging me to hold on to my faith and maintain my passion for God. As we parted ways, I went back to my room speechless. The amazing thing is, Haiti is full of young adults just like these two young men.

My deepest hope is to one day arrive in Haiti to find that Michele and Jean-Baptiste have advanced the cause of Jesus massively forward in their country. I am praying for their endurance and courage as they live out their faith in Christ. They along with thousands of Haitian young adults are a part of the generasion ki chwazi (‘chosen generation’…see 1 Peter 2:9-10). From Haiti to Romania to Australia…God is doing great things in this generation.


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