Manipulation and Power

This is a quick post…I have not thought this through completely…

There was a time in our society when the only way you could move those with power and influence was by manipulation. It was because the powerful had so much power and the influential had so much support. So if you wanted to get things done, for the common good or otherwise, you had to hit them where it hurt. Those were the days of leaked photos, revealed skeletons in closets and I would argue, threats of boycotts. I totally get it…sometimes this was the only way justice could be served and the voiceless could be heard. But do we still have to live this way? Is this still the only way to get things done when it comes to the powerful and influential?

While I am an activist in many respects (I will debate you till you cry if you cross me with the wrong statement), my faith leads me to believe that manipulation is not the best way to make mountains move. In fact, I think it is the faithless way of doing it. If this is true, it is a message that needs to be heard in the Church. And more so, if the Church could find better ways to move the powerful and influential, maybe the world would rethink its manipulative strategies as well.

We now live in a world where one blog post can make you influential and one tweet can give you a perceived power. There has to be a better, more creative and more dignifying means of moving these powerful, influential people.

Jesus said that faith and prayer could move mountains.

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