Why I do not post much…

Number one reason why I tend not to post as much on this blog has to do with time. I am still figuring out my rhythm when it comes to CCW. At the moment, every hour of the day is either consumed with working or resting and not much else. I am a still learning (and re-learning) how to manage my time based on the priorities that I have set. I am reconciled to the fact that more than likely, I will always struggle with time management.

The number two reason is actually more significant to me. I cannot tell you the number of drafts I have sitting in this WordPress account. You might be shocked at the number of hours I have sat at my laptop typing and then erasing, typing then erasing, erasing the whole post then starting over, etc. I am afraid of what you, the reader, will think about the next post. Even though I cannot see you, I fear that I will offend you with my opinions and perspective on God, life, the Church and the world we live in.

For instance, I HATE mayonnaise. And when I say hate I really mean hate with a passion like no other. When I find out a friend likes mayonnaise, there is an immediate distance. Whenever I find mayo in my fridge, I throw it out knowing that it belongs to one of my roommates. I will never order mayo for my table. I will always speak evil when it is brought up. I will not purchase it for any CCW gathering. Why? Because I believe mayo comes from the pit of hell. (And if you work in the mayo making or packing business…I am sorry to offend you, but you need to get another job.)

I probably lost a few readers because of that last paragraph. And that makes me sad (well, maybe not). This fear has kept way too many posts in the draft box for years. If my mayo thoughts upset you, wait till you hear my thoughts on onions and milk, not to mention politics, the state of the American Church, the horrid way many Christians act in public, and the hypocrisy that I find throughout the entire world. If I posted every thought, you would eventually stop reading…or not.

Not posting my opinions and perspectives has kept this blog safe. But it has not honored you…the reader. You are probably not that offended by my mayo opinions. You might even agree. And now you have a chance to think about it…maybe in a new way.

So from this point, I will do my best to write more blog posts in the coming weeks. I will commit to being more honest in these posts. I will still use my filter and make sure I am being as respectful as I can. Time will still be a hurdle to jump. But I am gonna work hard to not let fear of what you think keep a post from going public. Here’s to more bold and transparent blog posts in the next few months.



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