The Boys of Babylon

Louie Giglio just started a series of talks called Unusual at Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA. Two of talks called Boys of Babylon, have been particularly inspiring to me. Louie believes that if we believe and follow an unusual God, we should be exceptional people who stand out in the world. It is not ‘unspiritual’ to strive for excellence which opens the door to conversations about character and faith. The great thing about this series is that Louie speaks directly to who we are as Christ-followers in the workplace.

I am increasingly convicted by how we use the words calling and vocation. Church leaders, including myself, normally attribute these terms to people who will eventually work full-time for the Church, both local and global. Sometimes we will allow flexibility for those who gravitate towards other career inclinations. But for the most part, it is rare to see someone’s calling affirmed if they decide to be a middle school math teacher, career politician or CEO of company. This is unfortunate for the Church and could explain why so few Christ-followers view their work-life through the lens of their faith. These talks by Louie are challenging my assumptions of what it means to live called in this world. You should check them out.

For those who work outside of the Church, do you feel a sense of calling in the job/career that you have chosen? Do you feel like the Church affirms and nurtures that calling? Would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Love reading your blog post, your brilliant. I definately plan to share this with others. I have always worked inside the church but I definately feel that God needs his people to work outside of the church inorder to reach those outside of the church. I also feel that the church could and should do a better job at nurturing the call of those who are called to work outside of the church. If the church fells to do this then we will find ourselves in hot water.

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