Liberty to the Captives

I am extremely thankful to Passion for bringing 45,000 students into the human trafficking conversation. In just a few days, a generation raised over $3 Million to go to justice work around the world..and that was only the beginning. I am confident that you are going to see many more young adults get serious about ‘bringing liberty to the captives’ right in their own backyard, let alone across the planet. Currently, CCW is trying to raise money to help fight human trafficking right here in the Jacksonville area. I love this energy that is translating into massive awareness and real dollars.

My prayer is that all of this passion would lead to even more thoughtful action across the Church and the developed world. I know it is for me.

As I think about the issue of 27 million human slaves in the world today, I am concerned (in a good way) about what happens if we are successful in bringing them all freedom. Obviously, I wanna make sure that there are vibrant, Christ-focused communities (otherwise known as local churches) that these precious people can assimilate into. But what about the other 6.5 days of their week? Will these ex-slaves be able to make a living? Will they be able to raise families in safe environments? Will they be given the chance to leverage their human potential through education? What about the nations they live in…will those nations continue to work towards stable societies where slavery is the least favorable option? And my biggest question: will the Church play its role in assisting, or even better leading the way, to bringing answers to these questions?

You see folks, I take the issue of eradicating human slavery seriously. I believe that “proclaim[ing] liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;” is definitely spiritual, but only initially that. True kingdom of God freedom invades all forms of oppression..from individuals to global culture. And I believe that the Church has been called to this great work in a special way. So I am praying that 45,000 students from Passion, and a handful from Campus to City would do more than give money. I pray that we would consider how our lives might be leveraged to see freedom realized in every area of human life.

These thoughts are game-changers for me.

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