Lent 2012

I am celebrating Lent once again. I cherish this season for so many reasons. Personally, I need annually planned interruptions to my daily routine. Or better stated, interruptions to the way I live within the routine. I am a big believer that there is something powerful about encountering the Holy Spirit in everyday life. Usually, that happens when we are intentionally waiting for and expecting God’s action to make an appearance in our lives.

Truly, God is active in our daily routines. He is present on the highway while in traffic. He shows up when we are talking gossip during the coffee break. You can find him in the board room during the most tense of moments. He is not far from us when we are experiencing the mid-day slump. The problem has never been God’s nearness, it has always been our awareness of His presence. I think Lent is an opportunity to engage in practices that help us interact with the God who is actively engaged in our lives 24-7.

This year, I am believing for alignment with God’s plans for my future, for what He wants with CCW and for some key relationships. I’ll be praying for His revelation as I make some decisions that could affect the next several years of my life (don’t worry —  I am not planning on going anywhere.) Specifically for CCW, I want to be on the same page as to what he wants from us — what we should start doing, and what we should stop doing. And I plan to spend a great deal of time this season interceding for my loved ones and for the campuses of NEFL. I am trusting that through scripture reading, reflection, committed prayer, and fasting, I will find myself more aligned with God’s dream for my life, my ministry and those I love. And I do mean alignment, not simply answers.

You can join me and the CCW Community as we journey through the scriptures during this season. Follow @CCWJourney on Twitter or text ‘Follow CCWJourney’ to 40404 to receive a free text every morning. It is gonna be a great season…

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