In Acts 8, we meet a man named Simon who told everyone in Samaria that he was great. He was a magician (some translations say sorcerer) who gained popularity through his craft. According to the text, Simon is inspired by the good news of Jesus, is baptized, and becomes a follower of Philip. He’s even amazed at the miracles Philip performs by the power of Holy Spirit. However, he sees this power not as a sign of increasing faith in Jesus, but more so an asset to give his magic career a bigger audience. Later, he offers Peter money so that he might receive the Holy Spirit’s power. Peter doesn’t hold back in calling him out and Simon walks away repentant. It’s a crazy story; and it speaks to an issue many of us secretly wrestle with: ambition.

To read the full post, check it out on CCW’s The Gathering.

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  1. Hi Derrick,

    It’s wonderful to read your messages and to know that you are impacting our world for the glory of God. Love and blessings young man as you serve.

    Hugs, Sandi Goodman East Angola/Florida Partnership

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