Everyday Gospel Podcast

For as long as I can remember, living the Christian life has meant going to worship, reading my Bible, committed times of prayer and regular participation in my local church. These things aren’t always easy, but Sundays make sense. But what about Monday?

img_0571-1What about work-life and careers? How do we live for Jesus when our job is focused on profits and bottom lines? How do we express our faith when working inside a corporate culture? How do practically apply the words of Jesus during performance reviews? How do we pray without ceasing when waiting tables or preparing lesson plans?

There are women and men who are called to represent Jesus outside the walls of the Church. They work in law enforcement and the medical field, they teach on college campuses and they manage sales teams. They are pursuing promotions as they seek first the kingdom of God and they are working out their salvation as they log in 40 hours a week.These are the people who are living out the Gospel in every day life and they have a lot to teach us. The Everyday Gospel Podcast is an attempt to hear those voices, listen to their stories and glean from their wisdom.

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